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If you have a question pertaining to the series or the book(s) in the Magicians series there are two ways you can ask:
1. Leave a comment on this page with your question and email address/blog link.
2. Email me (see "contact" page) with your question.
When will I get an answer to my question?
This blog I run entirely on my own and during my spare time.  I am not at all bothered by questions; I actually love answering them.
Therefore, when you leave a question, I'll get back to you and let you know that I've received it, as well as the earliest time I will be able to answer it.  If I'm behind in questions or work, I will tell you, but don't worry, I always manage to find the time to get back to you.
Where are questions answered?
I answer all questions on the blog.  This is why I need your email address/blog link so I can send you the link to the post where I have answered your question. 
If the question you send has already been asked before in the past I will inform you of this and send you a copy of my original response.  Unfortunately I cannot have everyone reading the same answer over and over again.
I beg of you to send relevant questions.  I haven’t had any problems with this so far, but just keep that in mind.
If you have multiple questions…
It will not drive me crazy if you have various questions, but if you do I ask that you try to keep them short.  Remember there are others beside you who are waiting to have questions answered about certain matters.  Besides that, when you send multiple questions it doesn’t necessarily mean I can answer all of them in one day.
The following will NOT be answered:
I will NOT answer irrelevant questions or questions in which by answering them I would be giving away something occurring later on in the series.  If you are not sure whether you question would be in either of these categories ask me anyways, but please be aware that these questions are posted for everyone to see and therefore I cannot have SPOILER information.  Sorry.

Now to the questions.


  1. My question:

    Are you done with 'Cursed with Power' and are just revising it, or are still writing the first draft? I want to know when New Life will come out, o_O.

  2. Hehe, another one:

    (I don't think this will spoil anything)

    Is each book going to be about one of the five remaining dark magicians?

  3. Do you let your family read what you write? Or a better question: Have they read 'Cursed with Power' ?

  4. When do you think you will be finished with 'Cursed with Power'? Do you have a deadline?

  5. Will all the books be written in the first person?

  6. Do you know how many chapter Cursed with Power will have? Are all the books going to have the same amount of chapters?

  7. Will the five books be in chronological order? Will characters in say the third book mention things that happen in Cursed with Power?

  8. Will Celestria be in any of the other books?

  9. What was the very very first thing that got you started on the Magicians Series? What gave you the idea?

  10. How long did you brainstorm before you began writing Cursed with Power? How long did it take you to create the landscape, character descriptions, ect. ?

  11. Do you have all 5 books outlined?

  12. Will all five dark magicians be in CWP?

    (I don't think this will ruin anything, but if it does, don't answer. I would cry myself to sleep if the ending was ruined.)

  13. Are you planning to post all of CWP on Inkpop?

  14. Who is your favorite character to write in CWP?

  15. How did you think of the title for CWP?

  16. Why won't anyone else ask questions?!

  17. How do you think of such wonderful chapter titles?
    Does it take you a long time?

  18. What gave you the original idea of The Magicians Series as a whole?
    God, I hope no one has asked that...

  19. What was the VERY FIRST thing that you thought of for CWP?

    I'll give you an example: When I first got the idea for Garden of Eden, what I thought was: I should write a book where the father is murdered.

    At the time it wasn't set in the old west or anything, I added that in.

    SO: What was the VERY FIRST thing for CWP?

    (You don't have to post that whole thing about GOE when you answer this if you don't want to, :D)



  21. Are you still alive?