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Seven months

Seven months...
Cursed with Power --coverGod, doesn't that seem like a long time?  I can remember, though, seven months ago this book --this entire series--was just another idea that had come to mind.  It was something I said, "Yeah, I'd like to do this" but never actually imagined doing.  Seven months ago I was determined not to start another book.  I told myself to wait before I began Cursed with Power, since at the time I was focusing on finishing Everblue and getting Certain Fate public on inkpop.
Instead, I broke my promise to myself and honestly I'm glad I did.  Despite the few people who are interested in the other two books I still have yet to finish, I am glad that I started Cursed with Power.  After I wrote the prologue I just fell in love.  This kind of love was not like the other love I have known in life.  This was a kind of love that I could make grow every single day.  I know it sounds cliché, but that's exactly what happened.
So long ago I did not know what was next for Celestria Hale.  She and I traveled here and there throughout her story because, like her, I was lost with where to go next.
Months ago when I came to you and said "I'm finished", I was not being honest.  I was lying to you, my readers, and myself.  When I said I was finished, what I actually meant was it's all written out in Word and now I'm going to change it all to make it better.  That's what I did.  So if you were to ask me what the highlight has been of my Junior year in high school, I'll tell you it's been working day and night on this book.  Whether it's been researching, reading, editing, or adding in more.  This is the journey of a lifetime that, no matter what, I will continue to enjoy through the good and the bad.

I was speaking with one of my readers today, and she and I were remembering when there used to only be seven chapters in total of Cursed with Power up on inkpop.  Remember that?  Then my posts on the blog came where I would attempt to explain why it was going to take me a week to finish chapter eleven.  That seems so long in the past now when you look at where this has came.
Now I'm working on chapter twenty, and as I told you in my last post I feel like the story is becoming much longer than I originally planned.  I had it figured out that by January I would finish the book with twenty four chapters.  However, now I'm going in the direction the wind blows me.  Like Celestria said, I don't know where it is taking me.  At least, not just yet.

We went from having a MC who was mostly alone through the entire book to her meeting up with handsome and funny Léal Irvine.  Oh that Léal... I wonder how everyone would have reacted if he never had been in this book to begin with.  As I told you once before, he was not originally supposed to have a large role in Cursed with Power.  Despite his absence after a particular chapter, Léal has ended up becoming a more main character than most anyone else through this book beside Celestria, of course.  He not only caught Celestria's admiration and attention, but he seemed to get the attention of the readers as well.  He's the man everyone says they "want", yet we don't know anything about him...
Then there's Alaire, who never originally was planned to be in the book at all.  Out of nowhere Celestria was seconds away from death.  Someone had to save her.  I'll admit at first I thought, "Yes, now Léal can come back!" but then I realized... Everything Celestria and Léal meant to each other would be thrown away if he came back out of nowhere.  I thought and I thought... Then I decided Alaire needed to be the one to rescue Celestria from death.  In return, she would gain a "partner" and he would gain a personality I had never fully understood for him.  He started out as a quiet man, but once I threw him into the action I saw a darker and deeper side to him.
The dramatic changes in plot that have been made to this book... I could tell you about them for days, but honestly I think I would bore you.

Let's not forget the dramatic cover changes that have been made during these long seven months.


Exactly, look at all of those covers! There are just such an overwhelming amount, and I keep them all.  I guess it shows how the book evolved and changed throughout the years.  Who really knows?

Enough with cover madness; trust me it drives me insane.  The purpose I wrote this post was because I wanted to share with you how the book has come along.  I wanted to share with you the memories, and lastly I wanted to remind you there is more.  This journey Celestria is involved in is one we all have become involved in by reading the story.  While I know many of you are excited about the coming of New Life, I want to remind you that before that books evolves into all that it can be there is a very long road this book and I must travel down.  When it's finally finished I know getting it published will not be easy.  I spent four years of my life attempting to get The Magic of Light published, which now just seems like a joke.  If I can say I've have that book "finished" for five years now, I must certainly can say that whenever this book comes together I'll have more hard work to show for it.  There might not be over 30 some characters in this book, but my ex told me, "You're the only one of all my girlfriends who has written a book....and been so dedicated."

It's been a great and pain-in-the-butt seven months, but I hope you will continue to stay as I finish out this book and get into the madness once again with mailing agents and whatnot.

It started out with an eye...

And now look at all that it has turned into.  Madness, characters, plot, history, fantasy, magic, love, and so much more.  (Mostly madness, though.)  
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Chapter 19: Feel Your Touch

I want to know that when you walk away from me, you're that much more determined to come back.  When you cry in my arms, you'll pull in closer toward me.  When I feel the touch of your skin... I want you to feel me too because I've been standing beside you... and I've been standing for much too long. I desire to be with you.

In chapter nineteen of Cursed with Power, Celestria comes to realize a shocking new truth that awaits her in Grefin's manor.  With reality, she must also come to accept some painful yet memorable past occurrences in her life.  At last she may share a bond with someone close to her, but is it already too little too late?  Has Celestria wasted too many years obsessing over the power she possesses?  What is the point to looking back on old memories when they are long gone?


Is this me? I thought. As I twirled back and forth with the dress, I felt foolish. Dyanna had always been the beautiful one; even Aunt Ilena had reminded me of that. The men pranced around her and offered her roses, while I walked ten steps behind her without receiving any attention at all. It had been that way ever since she was born, and after a while I had grown accustomed to it. The red hair that fell down my shoulders suddenly looked perfectly maintained. My green eyes, which I had always thought were dull, glistened with the dress.
“Everybody has always told me you can’t see love. When I look in your eyes, they stand corrected. Celestria, why must you have this effect on me?” Adam had once told me.
Backing away from the mirror, I reasoned with myself that I needed to leave. If I did not return to Alaire they would begin to wonder. I had already taken up enough time, but as I continued debating with myself I could not help but to think back to memories.

A great amount of thought and detail was put into the detail and the events that occurred within this chapter.  Not only did Celestria face something difficult she felt she needed to be said, but she also had to admit to her readers the truth she hides in side.  However, Celestria and the readers both are left with more questions.  While a few truths are brought to the suffer, she is far from uncovering everything she desires to know.
Despite an awkward situation at the end of the chapter, it is evident to both the reader and the author that there are many more chapters ahead.  What lies in the future for Celestria Hale?  What of Alaire Sencler?  Their futures, like their hands, may or may not be intertwined.  Only she can tell you what happens when next you read Cursed with Power.

**The images used in this post are not mine.  They are property of and I do not own them.  The images are to make the post more interesting, but they DO NOT represent any characters, places, etc. in Cursed with Power.**
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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Chapter 18: Every Last Word

I can sit in the rain and shiver as I am soaked.  You really don't have to be anybody special to stand in the rain.  It's just like standing in the middle of a path when two horses are running at you.  Either you move and hurt yourself, or you remain where you are and accept the pain.

From the day Celestria met Alaire, she knew there were secrets he kept from her.  However, she came to accept this because she knew she had secrets of her own.
It's ironic how quickly all of that changed.

Celestria wakes up in the middle of the night to find out Alaire is chocking, coughing, and feels his entire body going numb.  Now is the time to worry.
In this new chapter, Alaire's future is addressed.  It's not him and Celestria arguing about what they've said and done.  No, it's Celestria hoping, praying, wishing Alaire will live... yet she is not too certain he will.
Join her as she comes to discover what he means to her, the feelings she has for him, and quite possibly the secrets he found out about.

Alaire interjected, “Do not go!  Please, Celestria; do not leave me here.  I can feel it now…”
            As he pulled me in closer, I turned my face so our lips did not touch.  Then I asked what I regretted. “What do you feel?”
            One word and that was all it took.  My life just all together flipped over and burned.  Why was this happening to him?  What had he done?  He was more of a decent person than I, yet he was the one dying?  I could not begin to understand it; I listened to his breathing and wished I knew what to do.  This was the time for me to say something that would matter; something with an impact.  I found I was speechless for the first time. 
I know the excerpt is short, but that's because I don't want to give away to much about the chapter.  You need to read it yourself to find out what happens.
 What do you think happens?  Can Alaire live?
Find out, and in chapter 19 Celestria will narrate her reaction and what she has come to realize, accept, and want to take revenge out on.

"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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Answering a question: "How did..."

Question: How did you think of the title for Cursed with Power?

Asked by: Tessa Faith at Witty Writer

First, I'll just say that I cannot explain why other people don't ask questions about the book or the series.  All I can say, Tessa, is be patient and maybe one day they'll come around to asking something.
Onto the question...

The title came to me because I realized that while Celestria has a power it is one that is a burden.  If you think about it, everything in her life has changed and in many ways been destroyed because she is able to perform Dark magic.  Therefore, saying that her power was something that cursed her seemed like a decent title to explain the whole of it.  Thus the book was titled Cursed with Power.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Chapter 17: The Bond We Had

Once I thought you were a rose.  Every day you became more beautiful, despite how at the same time you were aging.  
All too soon I came to terms with reality.  If you were a rose you would begin to shrivel in the winter.   You would fear change, and you... Ha, you've never feared much of anything without firstly denying it to everyone around you.

Celestria knows that Alaire's condition is only getting worst, so she begins to think back to a time when she thought her life was ending.  When she was so close to death but managed to escape it.
A man was kneeling beside me; I could not recognize him, and my failing vision did not help me get a better look at him.  He spoke words to me, but I could not understand him.  Either he was not speaking Romanian or all of the senses in my body were ceasing to work, but it did not matter.  In a minute the world went dark around me.  The darkness was almost unbearable…
Above is an excerpt from chapter 9 of Cursed with Power.
She remembers that Alaire saved her life by stopping Aldemund and taking her to Roana.  Why could not Roana help Alaire now in his time of dying?  Why could she not perform a miracle again?
In this chapter, however, there are other matters beside Alaire's condition mentioned.  There is a black sparrow, white and red ribbons, and a bond Alaire mentions that he believes is broken.
What is this bond?  Why does Alaire want to travel to Belsgar?  Who the heck is Emeria?  The answers begin to unravel...
“What kind of ‘friend’ are you anyways?” I asked him.  From the start I had felt uncomfortable around him, but now more than ever I realized everything he had done.  He was a good magician; there was nothing he could gain from helping us.  There was no reason for him to save Alaire’s life.
I continued speaking. “Does holding up your part of the bargain make you a friend?  Do you not realize there is more to friendship than giving and taking?”
“Grefin…” Daciana’s tone rose as she called for him, though he was sitting beside her.  He stood up, which blocked my view of Alaire.  Ignoring Emeria, I moved to stand at the edge of the bed.  Alaire was coughing viscously, and his body jolted as he continued on.  Daciana kept a firm hold onto him as he shook and rocked back and forth without control.  I wiped a tear from the edge of my eye and breathed when he finally returned to being calm.  
 Sometimes you do not realize how much you care about someone until you're standing beside them... watching them take their last breaths.  Until you feel a tear leaving your eye and can gasp what you are about to lose.
What will Celestria do if she loses Alaire?

You ruin every relationship you have with a person.
The quote at the beginning was one I came up with off the top of my head.  I decided I might be adding in quotes relating to images or the chapter at the beginning of these posts for those of you who miss him.
I assure you that even with the holidays I will try to accomplish more of Cursed with Power.  It's about halfway finished, and there are some of you who are just as excited as me for what the ending will turn out to be.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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Chapter 16: If He Is Watching

Chapter 16
"Sometimes I wonder if He is watching..."
During the moments of silence, darkness, and loss we must accept what comes to us.  We must question what is left, if we have a purpose, and who will ever care.  This is simply what Celestria must do.  She fears --like you might--that she will lost someone who has become a friend to her.  A friend she never had before, and now someone she realizes she does not want to lose.
 Welcome to Grefin's manor.  Alaire told Celestria this was where she would find his friend, but what he did not mention was who Grefin was and why he was significant to what they hope to accomplish.  She knows that the journey into Finton City keeps her from finding out Leal's wellbeing, but with Alaire's life on the line Celestria must set her priorities straight.
And so a strange silence enters the manor.  It fills the rooms, leaves Celestria motionless, and lastly brings out the worst of Celestria's fears.
One small word with a heavy meaning...

“Your supplies?  Perhaps you misunderstood.  This. Cannot. Wait.” I spoke as slowly as possible.  It seemed I needed to repeat myself for Grefin to grasp how urgent this visit was.  His manner of acting nonchalant was pushing me to the edge, and if I lost my temper I could only imagine what would begin.  Another fight was not what I wanted to get involved in, but this was Alaire I was seeking help for.  If he and Grefin had allowed each other to live and had become “friends”, why was Grefin acting as he was?
            “No, I understand perfectly, but I will be of no help if I leave without any materials.  Alaire is strong; I know he is, but he cannot be saved if you fight with me,” Grefin said.  Then, he walked past me and toward the staircase.  I glared, but nonetheless I followed him because he already knew…
            I am begging him. I thought.  When I blinked and my eyes shut for a second, a memory flashed into my head.  The night when I had been crying, and when I had held Alaire’s cross until at last I fell asleep… Walking up the staircase, I felt restless.  How long had I been walking?  For how much longer could I go on like this?
This chapter came together much sooner than I expected, and hopefully for those of you who are avid readers you will enjoy it.  I can say there is a lot of tension and suspense building up, but you can only find out what happens to Alaire by reading the book.
A song that influenced the ending of this chapter was "Hurricane" by 30 Seconds to Mars.  I am posting the song within this update because this song has been inspirational and I like the story within the song.

For the official video, look it up on youtube.  This is just the song itself, but the official music video is 13 minutes long because the band made a short film out of the song and did an excellent job.

If you have not caught up with where you left off, please realize that I am working on chapter 17 now.  I plan to get more done over the winter break that will be starting after the 23rd of this month.  Until the next chapter, read what's new.
Remember, when you leave a comment on Cursed with Power you not only show your support, but you encourage me to keep writing.  Thank you for the continuous feedback.
“You need to be wearing this, Alaire.  I want Him to watch over you when I cannot.”
 Read the new chapter.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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Cursed with Power **AWARDS**

That's right, you heard correctly.  A new year is approaching us.  On television they are giving awards for books, movies, and music.  Here, on the blog, I'm asking the readers give any awards they see appropriate.

After all, aren't you wondering what everyone else is thinking?

I want to hear your thoughts on Cursed with Power.  I truly want to know who is your favorite character, what has been your favorite quote, and who you absolutely hate in the book.

Remember, if you say something that really stands out and affects me in some way I will post it up on the sidebar of the blog.  Please take a look at this.

"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Who is your favorite?

Now I have a question for any of you who read this.  Who is your favorite character in Cursed with Power?  It can be anyone... from Keina, Merycn Silvers, Leal Irvine, to Celestria Hale.

It always amuses me to hear from my readers their thoughts on characters.  So if you would like tell me who is your favorite and who is your least favorite.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Answering a question: "Who is..."

Question: Who is your favorite character to write in CWP?

Asked by: Tessa Faith at Witty Writer

It took me a while to decide on an answer to this question.  Honestly I think every author is asked who their favorite character is in their book.  You will find with me, my answer is not the main character.
I know it sounds strange that Celestria not be my favorite character, since I have spent the most time with her.  However, there is a lot I purposely put into Celestria's character that leaves everyone --perhaps even me--with mixed feelings about her.  The first two names that came to mind for favorite character were Leal and Alaire.
At first it is difficult to decide between the two.  While I have not worked with Leal for a long time, I still had a certain amount of time I spent with him.  I love both Alaire and Leal's strange and dark sense of humor.  I think in the end I would have to say Leal is my favorite.  He was the first male Dark magician I worked on, and instantly I decided he should be funny, handsome, and merciless.  What made him my favorite, however, I would have to say would be the way he acted with Celestria.  They are both complete opposites from one another, yet they know they need one another.  Each time he was involved in Celestria's dreams I felt I was being pulled closer to him.  When Celestria said she was denying how much she truly liked him, I felt as if I could understand.  He is charming and has this way of talking about evil.
I myself am not a very funny person.  I mean, we all would like to think we're funny, but I'll admit I cannot be very funny when I try to purposely be that way.  It's difficult to let readers see Leal's humor when I have to come up with attempts of humor, but all in all no one has complained about his character.
He has become a favorite for readers, which surprised me because I thought I would be the only one who found an interest in his character.  There were are a lot of readers who were bothered when he left in the book, and to this very moment they continue to wonder when he will return.
While there is a bond growing between Alaire and Celestria, what I love more is that there is a stronger bond growing between Celestria and Leal during the time they are apart from one another.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Answering a question: "Are you..."

Question: Are you planning to post all of CWP on Inkpop?

Asked by: Tessa Faith at Witty Writer

Wonderful question; I'm glad you asked.  I do plan to post all of Cursed with Power on inkpop.  However --okay, no one cry about this next part--there is a bit more to that plan them what there may seem.  I do not fully know the details yet since I am not at the end of the book, but I think when I come to the end there may be a wait for the last chapter to be posted.
Now, of course, I understand many of you are upset with this.  You have gone through the suspense, you've watched the ranking fall and rise and fall and rise, and then I tell you there will be a wait?
Outrageous, I know.
I assure you I am not going to hold back the last chapter from you simply to torture you.  I will not mock the fact that you don't know how the book ends and I do.  I am going to hold it back for a bit because I want to make sure the ending is written the right way.  Of course it won't be perfect, but it has to be close enough to perfect because I want you to read the last sentence and stare at that last sentence for several more minutes with your jaw dropped.  I've written out the ending before, and trust me that's what I did.  I sat on my bed, staring at the words on paper, and realized this is how it ends.
To think that once it ends we all have to wait for New Life to release to read more.

There is my answer.  I truly hope no one cried or passed out when they read this post.  All in all the end will be up, but I know there will be several of you who email me yelling and demanding the last chapter despite my attempts to reassure you.
Who knew it could be this exciting?
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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Christmas... only 9 days away

With Christmas being only 9 days away, I'm here yet again to blog about the coming of the joyous holidays.  The best way to do this, of course, is by having the characters from Cursed with Power bring the holidays to you.  Mind you this dialog would never go into the book, this is just something entertaining for me to do and for you to enjoy.

*In Mervyn's tavern...*
Leal (talking to Mervyn): I always wanted a stallion...
Mervyn (looks up): What?
Leal: A stallion.  Every year around Christmas I asked for a stallion --of any color, mind you-- and each time Christmas came I never got one.
Mervyn: Ha, well you were spoiled as it is, Mr. Irvine.  Now you have enough money to buy seven stallions, if that is what would please you.
(Keina sits beside Leal.)
Keina: I do not believe I heard a man speak about a horse.  Who are you, if I may ask?
(Leal smiles)
Mervyn (surprised): Keina, this man is only one of the richest men around!  I cannot believe you are ignorant enough to have ignored him!
Leal: My name is Leal Irvine, and as you can tell Mervyn admires me more than need be.
Mervyn (talking to Keina): His father was only the greatest man I knew, and his mother was by far the prettiest woman in this country...
Keina (ignoring Mervyn): Do you often come to visit Mervyn when Christmas is soon?
Leal: No, but he's an old friend and my father would die again in his grave if I did not keep an eye on him.
Mervyn: Then, when he told me about the printing press he had bought...
Keina: I think it is good of you to visit him.  After all, where would we be without friends?
Leal: Speaking of friends, why are you alone?
Keina (looking down at her hands): I do not have many friends here; I have never fit in...
Leal: Listen here, if someone like me can make himself famous in a large city, then surely you can make acquittance with somebody.
Keina (thoughtful): Perhaps...
Mervyn: He told me he had a son, and I laughed with tears in my eyes.  If you had known him...
Keina (to Leal): Does he always talk this much about you?
Leal (laughs): Not usually, but he and my father knew each other a bit too well.
Mervyn: Leal was born, and you should have seen him then.  He had the smallest face and the loudest cry.  I thought to myself...
Leal (whispering to Keina): It becomes embarrassing right around now.  We should sit somewhere else before he makes a fool out of me.
Mervyn (to Leal): You're leaving?  Mr. Irvine, I was in the middle of telling Keina your story, and you wish only to leave me here... alone?
Leal: No, no, never!  Keina and I are simply bringing in your present.
Mervyn (curious): A present?  If I had known...
Leal (smirks): No worries, my friend.  Now wait just a moment.
(Leal grabs Keina's hand and they exit the tavern.  They stand outside in the thick snow.)
Leal: All right, we are going to hit him with a snowball.
Keina: That's not a present at all!
Leal (grins): Exactly.
(Leal packs snow in his hands and then sneaks around tavern.  Keina follows him.  He approaches a window and peeks in.  He can see Mervyn; slowly, he begins opening the window.  When the window is at last open he throws the snowball at Mervyn.)
Mervyn (shouting): Leal!
Leal (laughing): I... haha... and you... and... oh, I can't breathe.
(Leal continues laughing.)
Keina (to audience): Well... Happy holidays, everyone.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

I gave my presentation

Today I presented in front of my class about Cursed with Power.  While I was only allowed to speak for five minutes, everyone seemed interested in what I said and asked questions.  I admit I was rather nervous, but I managed to make it through.

In my presentation I spoke about the research I've been doing.  How I came to chose Romania as a final setting in the book, and the wars occurring around the country.
In addition, I of course talked about character development and the storyline itself.  For having written up my presentation three times, I was over-prepared with what to say.  Nonetheless, I assure you I did not present with perfection.

Just thought I'd share with you that I did this today.  In January I'll be filling out a form to talk about Cursed with Power at a large conference.  I'll be sure to keep you updated.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Chapter 15: Join the Battle

Chapter 15
Join the Battle
In chapter fifteen of Cursed with Power Celestria and Alaire become wrapped up in an argument with each other.  Despite Alaire's failing health, Celestria cannot help but to yell at him.  He mentions shadows and darkness, and this reminds her all too much of what she's heard before.  After all didn't someone once tell her...
"My talk of shadows is no joke, Miss Hale.  There are dark parts of this world you have not seen before; I can only hope you shall never be exposed to them.”
 Frustrated, Celestria only digs herself deeper into the argument.  While she is annoyed and angry, Alaire expresses how he sees the situation they are in.  He also brings up what he feels she has not accepted since the day she found out she was one of the last Dark magicians.

“I am straining my voice, but I do it because you underestimate what we are stuck in the middle of.  When I first learned Dark magic I was a shadow in the light.  Soon I discovered I could move that shadow, and then…”
            He motioned for me to move closer, but I already thought we were close enough.  I could hear him… Why did he need to make a scene out of what he was saying?  I lowered my head toward his, but I remained cautious. 
            Alaire raised his head to my ear and whispered, “The light was consumed so quickly that even now I do not know where it has gone.”
            Leaning back and returning to the position I had been forced into, I stared at him.  Shadows, lights… I had heard this before.  It was not my mind playing tricks with me; no, I knew who I had heard this from in the past.  
 In this debate with the mentioning of lights, shadows, and war what will happen?  How will this disagreement affect Celestria and Alaire?  Will Alaire live?

Find out all of this and more when you next read Cursed with Power.
 My heart felt as if it had stopped beating.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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Answering a question: "Will all five..."

Question: Will all five dark magicians be in CWP?

Asked by: Tessa Faith at Witty Writer

As you guessed, Tessa, I cannot give answer this because it would give away what I feel would be somewhat of a spoiler.

However, I can say this: There are many significant characters in Cursed with Power.  Some may not catch your attention right away, but if you pay attention and try to keep from falling off the edge of your seat --just kidding haha--you will be able to see the larger role that has been chosen for them.

At the end of the book you'll have to decide for yourself what you think the answer to this question is.

And hopefully my mysterious response did not cause you to cry yourself to sleep.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Answering a question: "Do you have..."

Question: Do you have all 5 books outlined?

Asked by: Tessa Faith at Witty Writer

I appreciate the new questions you have brought forth.  Mainly because I think these are questions I have forgotten to address in the past.

To be honest, I wish I had all five books outlined.  Alas, I do not.  However, I can tell you that I have outlined and brainstormed ideas here and there revolving around certain material for the four books following Cursed with Power.  I have also written myself notes because there are some occurrences in Cursed with Power that I would like to be brought up again in later books.
For now, I know who's the narrator of each book.  Other than that, though, I do not know what will happen in each book yet.  I have ideas of past histories for each of the remaining Dark magicians, but even with Cursed with Power coming to an end and New Life approaching, I have not begun thinking about the possibilities for New Life because everything has changed so significantly in the first book.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays from the characters

I've decided the best way to wait for the holidays to come is by simply posting up mock conversations between characters from Cursed with Power on this blog.

Today, being the first day I do this, it's simply going to be conversation amongst the characters to you (the blog viewers) as shown in a play-like style.  I also hope you like the attempts of humor I added into this.  Enjoy!

Alaire: Well, I know what I want for Christmas.
Leal: And what might that be, my friend?
Alaire *grins*: A ticket out of this place.
Celestria: Now if I had said something like that I know I would not be forgiven.
Leal: If you gave me a chance to speak I'd speak up.
Celestria: Shut your mouth!  Look, there's folk staring at us.
Alaire *sarcastic*: Great; I've always need lots of attention on myself.
(Juliana enters)
Juliana: Why is there so much arguing occurring here?
Leal: My God, who are you?
Juliana: My name is Juliana Lefevry.  My father--
Alaire: You're French?
Juliana *smiles*: Of course, my father--
Leal: No, you cannot be French.  Come now, you're teasing us.
Juliana: I told you I am French.  What do you seek?  Proof?
Alaire *smirks*: Well if you have any that would help.
Celestria *annoyed*: Oh you make fools of yourselves!  If the woman says she's French, then accept she is and get over it!
Leal (to Celestria): I know a French woman when I see one, and I dare say this lady is not one.
Celestria: Why does it matter?  One moment you argue with Alaire over his gift for Christmas, and the next you insult a complete stranger.
Juliana (to Celestria): I wouldn't say we're strangers...
Celestria *outraged*: You know each other?
Leal *shocked*: We know each other?
Juliana *laughs*: I've heard of you before, Leal.  Why, everyone talks about you as if you are the King himself.
Leal: They do?
Alaire *whispers to Celestria*: If she wasn't lying before, she is definitely lying now.
(Celestria nods in agreement.)
Juliana: I really ought to be on my way.  My dearest is waiting for me.  Good day to you, Mr. Irvine.  Farewell, everyone.
(Juliana exits.)
Celestria: I cannot comprehend what just happened.
Alaire: Is this a dream?
(Leal pinches Alaire's arm.)
Alaire: Ouch!
Leal *laughs*: Looks like you awake.
Celestria: Gentlemen, the fact of the matter remains that people are looking at us.  What are we to say?
Leal (looking at audience): What say you?  Are you expecting something from us?
Alaire *amused*: You sound like a fool.
Leal: At least I do not look like one.
Celestria: Gentlemen...
Alaire: Right, well it says here in this letter I received today --from an unknown sender--that we are to wish these good people happy holidays.
Leal: Is that what they have us do now?  Being characters in a book wasn't good enough?  We have to wish them happy holidays to please them.
Alaire: I simply told you what the letter said.
Celestria: I swear...
Leal (to Celestria): Oh Celestria, are we so dramatic that you cannot bear another moment.
Celestria: You are coming close to that point.
Alaire: Ahem?
Leal: Right, Alaire can start.
Alaire: What?  *sighs* Fine.  To everyone out there, I wish you happy holidays.
Celestria: Be with the people you love the most.  Hold onto the moments you spend with them.
Leal: And remember, ladies, even if I do not arrive under your tree with a bow on my head I am still very much so the Leal Irvine you may always love and desire.
Alaire: You say I'm vain?  I cannot believe you!
All: Happy holidays!

"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Answering a question: "How long..."

Question: How long did you brainstorm before you began writing Cursed with Power? How long did it take you to create the landscape, character descriptions, ect. ?

Asked by: Tessa Faith at Witty Writer

I'm a bit late on answering this question, but at last I have gotten to it.
Well, I think it took me several good weeks to start brainstorming for Cursed with Power.  At first I was solely brainstorming because I had tried to keep from starting on the book until I finished with Certain Fate or Everblue.  However, as we all know, that didn't go as planned.  I got into deep outlining for Cursed with Power and then I simply had to start writing it before the ideas left my mind.
It took me a long time to create the landscape and the characters.  The landscape, I suppose, was not as difficult because they live in Romania so I can continue to research the landscape there.  However, the magical places --such as Belsgar--were more challenging because those I had to come up all on my own without any additional help.
Character descriptions, of course, took a great amount of time, effort, patience, and more time.  The characters not only had to fit into the time period with the right clothes and so forth, but their descriptions also needed to make them seem more significant than other characters.  As you may have noticed Celestria is the only one in the book with red hair, and the way she describes Dyanna gives her sister even a special look to her that makes her unmistakable.  Her "golden hair" cannot be mistaken for another's.  Then there is Leal, whose "calm blue eyes" are something constantly brought into the book again and again.  If there is anything you should not forget about him, it is his blue eyes.  Characters like Mervyn and Keina were simple because they are minor characters, but characters such as Leal and Alaire who are of more wealthy statuses it took a longer time.
Leal's character I actually spent a good amount of time on because with how readers were reacting to him, I had to make sure I didn't suddenly say something about him that would turn off their interest toward him. I guess I ended up doing all right with his character; I haven't heard complaints yet.
Alaire's character was inspired by a picture I saw of a model.  As you probably remember me saying in November, the picture inspired me to give Alaire a somewhat ironic addition to his character in which he wore a silver cross.
Celestria also took a while to create because since she tells the story, I had to have her notice her appearance by other means than just telling it.  Instead there are times when she looks into another character's eyes and sees her reflection.

All in all, though, I suppose I've come pretty far with the characters and landscape.  I assure you that each time a new character or new place is added into the book it takes several hours or so for me --especially with characters--to come up with a complete idea of their significance and so forth.

Thanks for the great question, and in the near future I hope you'll have more questions to ask.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

Chapter 14: Blue Eyes

If he was looking at you right now, would you dare to turn around and look back at him?

It took a while for me to post up chapter 14, but last night it went public and now you can read it.  In case you have not read the latest chapter, I am as usual giving you an update.  Hopefully this update will interest you, and if then at least I've tried my best.
Alaire's life is hanging by a thread.  Celestria does not know what's wrong with him and she knows of nothing that can help him.  And that was when it happened.... She was so focused on Alaire, she did not realize...
She had given away their position.
Sometimes it's better to stay out of a fight, but Celestria has no choice.  With Alaire down, she has to not only defend herself, but she also has defend Alaire.  She also has to hope she won't be beaten again as she was when she battled Aldemund.  Who is this person who has found them? Why was he waiting in the field for them?

Peering ahead, I thought I saw something dart to the side.  I tried to follow its movement, but then a ball of blue mist hit me in the stomach.  Crouching down, I could hear Alaire stirring from his sleep.  In no time at all he would watch as I was beaten.  However, I did not want to lose badly in another fight again.   Whoever had found us now would pay the price.
            “You want to end this?  Show yourself; I’ll fight you face to face.” I shouted.  After I spoke it began to rain, and in moments it was pouring.  My opponent stood up and instantly I performed a spell.  I continued to advance toward him, but when I came within touching distance of him it was evident the spell had not gone as planned.  Black powder covered his body, though the spell had meant to be brutally fatal on the skin.

The night is dark, the rain is falling.... Run while there's a chance.  I'll never let you find me.

In all of the madness, the silence, the fighting, the nightmares, and the pain.... somewhere this is light.  Even in Celestria's life, while she has lost everything and everyone she has ever cared about.  Suddenly the light seems to hit her in the face, and when it does she cannot push it aside.  She cannot put it out of her thoughts because she knows there is more than what there seems to be.
He laughed and leaned in closer.  I could feel his breath each time he exhaled. “Mm, and you cannot think of anything else this lucky man may desire?”
One night... One fight... One breath... One kiss...

And his blue eyes.
*The images in this post are not mine; they are property of deviantart.  The quotes in this post are excerpts from chapter 14 of Cursed with Power.*

"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.