Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adam: He loves her...he love her not...

I cannot stay in town.  There's much that troubles me now, and I'd rather be away from thee while I think on all of this.
He walked away from me and never once looked back, though I wanted him to.
Two years ago
handsomeThroughout Cursed with Power Celestria and the reader questions Adam, her former lover.  There is so very little we know about him, yet one question stands out more than any others.  Does he love her?
Today's post revolves around Adam.  I shall go into a little about how his character came about, the relationship between he and Celestria, and several other matters.

Adam is not an extraordinary name for the late 1500s.  It was actually rather common, which was therefore my reason behind choosing this name for Celestria's former lover.  New conflict was automatically brought into the book since Adam was an ordinary guy without any powers, any magic, any great amount of wealth, and etc.
With Adam being an ordinary man, it seemed only reasonable that Celestria would feel she couldn't tell him about her magic.  After all it's not as if she's a good magician.  She had a choice to tell him she had Dark magic or to remain as she was.  She chose the second option, as you know.  So then why did she write a letter to Adam?  Why the moment the story began did she want to write to a man who left her?
There was something powerful about that letter by having Celestria write it to Adam.  No one realizes it at first, but as others have agreed Celestria makes it sound like she is going to meet her end.  As if any day now she will meet the fate which will kill her, and she thinks to tell Adam this.  She clearly makes it seem as if she has gotten over him; as if she has moved on, yet he appears in her dreams.  She thinks back to him and remembers the bitter memories.  Two years have gone by and neither have contacted each other.  In dreams, flashbacks, memories, and thoughts it is unclear.  Does Adam love her anymore?  Can he not accept her for who she is?
While Adam isn't someone Celestria is going to forget, it is also significant how Celestria sees Leal and relates him back to Adam.  They are compared until at last she sees a major contrast between the two men.  However, her feelings toward Leal do not change.  She continues to fear she will fall in love with Leal, and she believes if that happens she will have her heart broken yet again.
He walked away from her two ywears ago...Will he ever return?  Does he love her?  Will we ever know and if so when?  If we find out will we like what occurs?  Should Celestria want Adam back?  Should she stay away from Leal to remain loyal to Adam, or is her heart trying to reach out to someone new?
Keep these questions in mind while you read.
I realized something he had done as no other man in my life.  When Adam had left he had never once looked back...and Leal had.
You like him more than you admit...
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


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