Friday, November 26, 2010

Celestria's Dreams

Today I thought I would post about the dreams Celestria has in Cursed with Power because beside them occurring often throughout the book, they actually have a lot more behind them then what there might seem.
I did not decide to have dreams involved in the storyline simply because I wanted to.  Oh no, my reasons went further than that.  Like Celestria, I rarely have dreams.  In the first chapter Celestria outright says that she is analyzing the dream she has just had because it's been years since she last had a dream.  However, there are times when certain events seem to spark dreams... or even nightmares.  Out of nowhere you wake up in the early morning and you wonder what just happened. This exact event happened to me only yesterday, the morning of Thanksgiving.  I woke up from a dream and I laid in my bed, staring at the ceiling, attempting to grasp what had just happened.
Celestria does much of the same, though I think we can all agree that the dreams she have are much more painful than any one person should have to deal with.  She dreams of her dead sister, Dyanna, and of her past lover, Adam.  As the story progresses, her dreams seem to advance as well.  They go from being simple memories to conversations she never recalls having.  Each time she has a dream she wakes up just as confused as before...
I woke up to find myself lying on the wooden floor.  My face was wet and as I raised my head from the ground I noticed something I had never seen before…a strand of golden hair was on the floor.
Sometimes I think I wonder as Celestria does.  Are dreams more than what they seem?  Is there significance in them that we are meant to grasp once we wake up?  Can they warn us, help us, scare us, torture us...?
Personally, I'd like to believe that a dream is more than a dream.  No matter what is about,  I think every dream --and nightmare, for that matter--has significance.  Of course, I doubt any of us care to ponder forever the true meaning of a mere dream.
Is a dream just a dream?
“Fear thy future, dear sister.  Much is to occur and thou cannot face it on thy own, for if thou dost there will be consequences… Consequences I assure you none of us want to see.” Dyanna whispered.  She began humming a song, but I could not comprehend what was occurring.  I was sobbing in front of three people who meant so much to me, and I had not yet considered how they had arrived here.  How were they in my room?  How were they here together?  Above all, what had happened to them?  The blood on Dyanna’s dress told a story of its own; however, I could not bear to look at it for any longer. 
Or maybe it is something more...
**The pictures featured in this post are not my own, but are pictures owned by users on Images are merely for your entertainment, and are not meant to represent Celestria --or any other characters mentioned.
The quotes that were featured within this post are from chapter 7 of Cursed with Power.  I have included them because they go with the context of this post and I do not believe in any way give away anything.*
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


  1. Wonderful topic to post on. This was so interesting, and you wrote it up well, I really want to go read chapter 12 now!

  2. Thanks Tessa. I'm glad you enjoyed this post, and it's even better if it made you more interested in the latest chapter. Hope to hear your reaction once you read it.