Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Answering a question: "Will the..."

Question: Will the five books be in chronological order? Will characters in say the third book mention things that happen in Cursed with Power?
Asked by: Tessa Faith at Witty Writer

Hi again Tessa.  Your question today I think is significant, whether others care to realize this or no.  I never actually thought anyone would think to ask this, so I think that really shows a lot about you since you did.  Great curiosity you've got.

The books are in chronological order.  I promise it's nothing like Star Wars where you learn about Luke and A New Hope is the first movie but then years later it's like "Actually Anakin was before Luke so technically his story comes first, even though his was after..." (And I'm not trying to insult Star Wars in any way; I'm a fan, not a hater.) So while there may be flashbacks to events in the past, each book moves the story further along.
References to events that occurred in Cursed with Power is definitely something you should expect in the following books.  Being as Cursed with Power is the first book in the series it has a tremendous effect on the other four books.  I think it also gives the readers a look into what to expect and what to seek out in the next several books.

Hope that answers your questions.  Thanks once again, and if you run across more questions as you read please post them.
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