Thursday, April 21, 2011

A long day of querying. New posts to come

Good evening all!  After basically spending my entire Thursday querying agents about Cursed with Power, I am relieved to be done with that for the moment and back to writing.
What amazes me even more is that by next month I will have been working on CWP for an entire year. Though that's nothing compared to the time I've spent on The Magic of Light, I am glad progress is slowly beginning to show through.

**ANNOUNCEMENT: If you've read Cursed with Power and there was a scene that really stood out to you, email me and I'll post the scene on this blog.  This is a new & exciting way for us to connect!

As I've said before, I have made countless changes to the book.  These changes have not only been the ones I mentioned earlier, but also the major changes I made after the first draft of the book.  The beginning, the characters, the ending... Everything.  There is so much that I revised, but revisions are far from over.  Over the past couple of days, Celestria and I have both come to a new realization.  What she and I both realized is also yet something else that needs to be worked out in the book because right now it is there... but there's some sticks and rocks that need to be moved out of the way.
Even so, I am pleased there was something else that could be added into Celestria's feelings.  Her and I used to struggle with how she felt about certain matters, but now I think we're much closer to each other than originally from when this first started.
Enough of my rambling, though.  It's time to get down to business.... From here, I have to wait for responses from agents, query more agents, and of course more revisions.  *dies*  It needs to be done.  In the mean time, I'll keep any of you who read this blog somewhat entertained by telling you about the new scenes I added in a few days ago --or was it last week? Eh, I don't remember anymore--and I will also try to fit in time to review a few different matters here and there.
In other words, expect a post (or posts) about the new scenes and a new post & review about Alaire Sencler.
And maybe, just maybe, I'll start talking about Esmour.
Either way, I've hopefully have a few different topics to talk about and discuss while I'm editing and querying.  If I only posted about revisions, I think we all would get bored, so I'll save you from that.  Until then, I have more revisions to return to.
The first book in the series:
Cursed with Power
Power, love, hearbreak...
Violence, screaming, blood...
His eyes rolled back into his head. I had done this.
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Coming next.... the sequel and second book in the series:
New Life
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"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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  1. I love the scene when she firsts meets Leal. And also when she's talking to the man at the inn-what's his name?