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How close are we to the people we know, care for, and love?  I asked myself that same question when I was writing Cursed with Power.  And that was when I started thinking...
What if you were close enough to person that even when they weren't with you, it felt like they were?  You would never truly be separated because you would be able to feel each other's presence.  The idea of this inspired me during the writing process.  As you know, I've recently announced that I'll be posting excerpts from CWP that are reader's favorites.  Since I haven't received any requests lately I'm posting a scene I enjoyed writing.  

Léal stood up and came toward me, and I was unable to back away. He approached me and stared into my eyes. I raised my brow, for no one else before had been able to see me. Why did Léal take notice of my presence? How could he notice me when I was incapable of seeing myself? The questions ran through my mind as he stood before me, breathing and waiting for a response that would never come. He extended his hand to me and…
“Sir?” A woman opened the door. Léal dropped his hand while she shook her head at the pieces of paper scattered on the floor.
“How is she,” Léal said.
“She is better, sir. She needs rest and time, but she has improved since she first arrived.” The woman replied. He smiled and then placed the quill onto his desk.
“What of these papers, sir?”
Léal laughed, though he sounded uncomfortable. “Clean this up and leave the letters in my room. I shall attend to them later when I return from speaking with our quest. I expect Alaire is with her already?”
“Da, sir, he has been with her ever since the accident,” she said. She picked up the papers Léal had written on, and he slowly walked out of the room. I tried to call out to him as he entered into the hallway. However, the walls surrounding me were fading. I watched Léal as he continued on with a sense of pride. The gray jacket and black pants he wore were all that remained colorful. The writing on the letters vanished, and slowly a bright light raised and shined into my eyes.

“Celestria, welcome back.” Floarea said from behind.
I realized I was in the forest again and standing on the other side of the river, as if I had never walked across the bridge. I turned around to look at her and she began to ramble about the history of the river. However, I was incapable of hearing everything she said because there was a voice in the wind calling out to me.
“Celestria?” It was a man’s voice.
“Léal?” I whispered.

This scene is an excerpt from chapter 24 in Cursed with Power.  Whether it feels like a dream or not, doesn't it seem like sometimes the impossible is real?  Suppose Celestria and Léal were close enough to feel and see each other when apart?  I continue asking myself that question, and if that were so I cannot think of how that would be an issue.
This isn't one of your nightmares, Celestria.

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"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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