Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays from the characters

I've decided the best way to wait for the holidays to come is by simply posting up mock conversations between characters from Cursed with Power on this blog.

Today, being the first day I do this, it's simply going to be conversation amongst the characters to you (the blog viewers) as shown in a play-like style.  I also hope you like the attempts of humor I added into this.  Enjoy!

Alaire: Well, I know what I want for Christmas.
Leal: And what might that be, my friend?
Alaire *grins*: A ticket out of this place.
Celestria: Now if I had said something like that I know I would not be forgiven.
Leal: If you gave me a chance to speak I'd speak up.
Celestria: Shut your mouth!  Look, there's folk staring at us.
Alaire *sarcastic*: Great; I've always need lots of attention on myself.
(Juliana enters)
Juliana: Why is there so much arguing occurring here?
Leal: My God, who are you?
Juliana: My name is Juliana Lefevry.  My father--
Alaire: You're French?
Juliana *smiles*: Of course, my father--
Leal: No, you cannot be French.  Come now, you're teasing us.
Juliana: I told you I am French.  What do you seek?  Proof?
Alaire *smirks*: Well if you have any that would help.
Celestria *annoyed*: Oh you make fools of yourselves!  If the woman says she's French, then accept she is and get over it!
Leal (to Celestria): I know a French woman when I see one, and I dare say this lady is not one.
Celestria: Why does it matter?  One moment you argue with Alaire over his gift for Christmas, and the next you insult a complete stranger.
Juliana (to Celestria): I wouldn't say we're strangers...
Celestria *outraged*: You know each other?
Leal *shocked*: We know each other?
Juliana *laughs*: I've heard of you before, Leal.  Why, everyone talks about you as if you are the King himself.
Leal: They do?
Alaire *whispers to Celestria*: If she wasn't lying before, she is definitely lying now.
(Celestria nods in agreement.)
Juliana: I really ought to be on my way.  My dearest is waiting for me.  Good day to you, Mr. Irvine.  Farewell, everyone.
(Juliana exits.)
Celestria: I cannot comprehend what just happened.
Alaire: Is this a dream?
(Leal pinches Alaire's arm.)
Alaire: Ouch!
Leal *laughs*: Looks like you awake.
Celestria: Gentlemen, the fact of the matter remains that people are looking at us.  What are we to say?
Leal (looking at audience): What say you?  Are you expecting something from us?
Alaire *amused*: You sound like a fool.
Leal: At least I do not look like one.
Celestria: Gentlemen...
Alaire: Right, well it says here in this letter I received today --from an unknown sender--that we are to wish these good people happy holidays.
Leal: Is that what they have us do now?  Being characters in a book wasn't good enough?  We have to wish them happy holidays to please them.
Alaire: I simply told you what the letter said.
Celestria: I swear...
Leal (to Celestria): Oh Celestria, are we so dramatic that you cannot bear another moment.
Celestria: You are coming close to that point.
Alaire: Ahem?
Leal: Right, Alaire can start.
Alaire: What?  *sighs* Fine.  To everyone out there, I wish you happy holidays.
Celestria: Be with the people you love the most.  Hold onto the moments you spend with them.
Leal: And remember, ladies, even if I do not arrive under your tree with a bow on my head I am still very much so the Leal Irvine you may always love and desire.
Alaire: You say I'm vain?  I cannot believe you!
All: Happy holidays!

"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


  1. I'm laughing tears over this!

  2. Haha really? At least I wasn't the only one rather amused with how this scene played out. I don't know why Juliana ended up being in the scene, but I figured having someone from another one of my books would add more humor to it because of the way Alaire and Leal act.