Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas... only 9 days away

With Christmas being only 9 days away, I'm here yet again to blog about the coming of the joyous holidays.  The best way to do this, of course, is by having the characters from Cursed with Power bring the holidays to you.  Mind you this dialog would never go into the book, this is just something entertaining for me to do and for you to enjoy.

*In Mervyn's tavern...*
Leal (talking to Mervyn): I always wanted a stallion...
Mervyn (looks up): What?
Leal: A stallion.  Every year around Christmas I asked for a stallion --of any color, mind you-- and each time Christmas came I never got one.
Mervyn: Ha, well you were spoiled as it is, Mr. Irvine.  Now you have enough money to buy seven stallions, if that is what would please you.
(Keina sits beside Leal.)
Keina: I do not believe I heard a man speak about a horse.  Who are you, if I may ask?
(Leal smiles)
Mervyn (surprised): Keina, this man is only one of the richest men around!  I cannot believe you are ignorant enough to have ignored him!
Leal: My name is Leal Irvine, and as you can tell Mervyn admires me more than need be.
Mervyn (talking to Keina): His father was only the greatest man I knew, and his mother was by far the prettiest woman in this country...
Keina (ignoring Mervyn): Do you often come to visit Mervyn when Christmas is soon?
Leal: No, but he's an old friend and my father would die again in his grave if I did not keep an eye on him.
Mervyn: Then, when he told me about the printing press he had bought...
Keina: I think it is good of you to visit him.  After all, where would we be without friends?
Leal: Speaking of friends, why are you alone?
Keina (looking down at her hands): I do not have many friends here; I have never fit in...
Leal: Listen here, if someone like me can make himself famous in a large city, then surely you can make acquittance with somebody.
Keina (thoughtful): Perhaps...
Mervyn: He told me he had a son, and I laughed with tears in my eyes.  If you had known him...
Keina (to Leal): Does he always talk this much about you?
Leal (laughs): Not usually, but he and my father knew each other a bit too well.
Mervyn: Leal was born, and you should have seen him then.  He had the smallest face and the loudest cry.  I thought to myself...
Leal (whispering to Keina): It becomes embarrassing right around now.  We should sit somewhere else before he makes a fool out of me.
Mervyn (to Leal): You're leaving?  Mr. Irvine, I was in the middle of telling Keina your story, and you wish only to leave me here... alone?
Leal: No, no, never!  Keina and I are simply bringing in your present.
Mervyn (curious): A present?  If I had known...
Leal (smirks): No worries, my friend.  Now wait just a moment.
(Leal grabs Keina's hand and they exit the tavern.  They stand outside in the thick snow.)
Leal: All right, we are going to hit him with a snowball.
Keina: That's not a present at all!
Leal (grins): Exactly.
(Leal packs snow in his hands and then sneaks around tavern.  Keina follows him.  He approaches a window and peeks in.  He can see Mervyn; slowly, he begins opening the window.  When the window is at last open he throws the snowball at Mervyn.)
Mervyn (shouting): Leal!
Leal (laughing): I... haha... and you... and... oh, I can't breathe.
(Leal continues laughing.)
Keina (to audience): Well... Happy holidays, everyone.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


  1. Haha, this one is good too...but I liked the first one better, :D Keep up the good work!

  2. Well, I try. It's actually really difficult trying to purposely make the characters sound humorous about a holidays and such that they've never really mentioned in the book.