Wednesday, March 23, 2011

*New* Chapter 10


At this point you're probably confused and you are thinking to yourself, "Wait a minute, she finished the book.  Why is there a second chapter ten and what the heck is going on?"
If you are reading now I am going to explain.  (If not, good luck figuring this out on your own.)  While I was editing and revising the chapters of this book --which is absolutely driving me insane-- I recalled how everyone felt like they needed to know more about Aldemund.  I thought about it for a while, outlined, edited, and then looked back at my work.  I realized I could add in a chapter focusing briefly on Aldemund because it would have information essential to the storyline and it would add suspense.  This chapter is the only chapter in the book told from third person POV.  Not only was this an extremely complicated chapter to write, but it was also a challenging one to end and then start back into Celestria's narration of events.  Nonetheless, I managed to find a way to make it work --or so I think I have.  I should have introduced this chapter several days ago, but I never got the chance until now.


“W-where do I t-take it?” He shook like a helpless animal as he spoke.
Aldemund pushed him gently, though the defiant stare he gave was not pleasant. “Go; take it to the usual place.”
Watching as the teenager ran through the street, Aldemund backed up into a dark ally. As usual the two people he argued most with were standing in the shadows. He could hear their whispers before he smelled the unmistakable scent of blood. There was a sneer on his face until he realized all too soon that the blood was coming from Christopher, one of the strongest magicians working for him.
“What did you do, fool?” Aldemund slapped Christopher’s face before he could answer.

Aldemund's character is just as difficult as Celestria's to work with, and this chapter I found especially challenging because the narration switched from Celestria to him.  They both have entirely opposing views and the most important difference between the two is that Aldemund's a Fire magician while Celestria is a Dark magician.  (Trust me, I know how complicated it can get.)  You might also notice in this chapter that at the very beginning Aldemund is speaking with a man named Wilhem.  First off, Wilhem was originally put down as "Wilham" and then I changed his name without realizing it.  (Great way to confuse yourself, in case you didn't think of it.)  Also, once again I mixed up Wilhem with Christopher, which was the worst mistake I could have made.  In my solo novel The Magic of Light I had certain characters confused with one another, but I honestly wasn't expecting to do it in Cursed with Power.  Well darn it, I did.  Despite all the notes I wrote for myself, and the character name list I put down so there was no way I could make that mistake I did.  Lesson learned?  No, I'm bound to make it again.  For some reason I can never avoid it, or so it seems.
Despite the ridiculous problems that arose in this chapter, somehow it managed to come together and now it's here at last.  I feel like I've been talking about this chapter forever and am way behind schedule with posting an update on it.
Though I don't know that this will help much, I wanted to explain that this chapter goes in place of the original chapter 10.  Let me show you what I mean... Originally, this was the order:
9: Three Days Later
10: Shadow of Power
11: Encounter

And here is the change that effected every chapter after "Three Days Later":
9: Three Days Later
10: Aldemund's Turn
11: Shadow of Power
12: Encounter

To clarify, each original chapter number went up one more chapter number to fit in chapter 10.  And I know my clarification just confused the heck out of everybody.  Please don't get lost!  I promise it is much more simpler than the way I am explaining it.  When you look at the book it will make sense.  If I'm confusing you then please by all means just ignore whatever nonsense I'm speaking.
No one has read this new chapter yet.  I am interested and excited to hear your thoughts because even though this chapter confused me until I lost my mind and refocused and rewrote it, I think it's finally ready and everybody will hopefully enjoy it just as much as they have with the other chapters.  If you read it please tell me your thoughts.  Read it at the usual place.
The last chapter of CWP coming soon!  Keep checking back in for updates!
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.

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