Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter seven is coming soon

Unfortunately I did not get to work on chapter seven, though I promise you I did try to reason with myself that I should.  I got caught up in blogging and promoting this blog, as you know, and now it's too late for me to start writing anything because my eyes are already closing as I type this.

Rest assured that tomorrow I will work on chapter seven and maybe --just maybe--by some miracle I will be able to come on in the afternoon and give an update on the chapter.  Remember I post updates after I finish the entire chapter on inkpop because I cannot bear to think someone will read the chapter while it is incomplete.  (Yeah, I'm paranoid like that.)

Before I get so much needed sleep I am posting what the original summary for Cursed with Power was.  (Yes, I'm scared because it was not good.)
Later...We should talk about the revisions I made on the hard copy of the original chapter 6 I had printed out.  It looked like a blue monster ate the marker was everywhere marking up mistakes.


  1. Hey there my blogpost for your site will be up on Oct 27th at 7am

  2. Keep going! Don't be too worried about deadlines...I was supposed to have chap. 3 of the PP done on Friday....

  3. Summer: Thank you so much!

    Tessa: Thanks for the motivation. I know what you mean there.