Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time to talk about the guy you love....but know so little about.

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And what an entrance to make.  It's no secret that the second book in the Magicians series is about Leal.  Yes, bloggers, today is the day.  I'm finally posting about Léal.  At last you get to hear me ramble on about the guy you've come to love...but you know so little about.
Shall we begin?

Léal is a French name meaning "faithful".  While this name has been used for females, it was also recorded as a rare medieval times name for males, hence why I decided it would be appropriate to fit.  Unlike Celestria, who doesn't fit her name's meaning at all, Léal does very much show that he is a faithful. This actually didn't purposely happen because of his name's meaning; I just happened to realize as I wrote this post that he does show a faithful relationship with Celestria, though she often pushes him away.
Evidently Léal is a handsome young man who everybody could easily find a reason to love, but there's more to him then meets the eye.
Despite the fact that Léal is currently one of my favorite characters to work with on this series so far, he did not originally have a major role in Cursed with Power.  His role continued to change.  Before I began writing the book he and Celestria were only going to bump into each other, apologize, and then be on their way.  Then, when I was writing the book and got to the part where Celestria leaves her home town I thought maybe there could be some mystery added into the story and so Léal would end up asking for directions to Meryvn's tavern.  While the conversation the two had about Mervyn's tavern was brief, I felt there was something building up between the two characters.
Once Celestria entered Deloys I could not help but bring Léal back into the story.  I did not do it for my own selfish reasons, but more so because it seemed wrong that he and Celestria had met but would never see any hope in the world falling apart around them.  If they hadn't met each other I don't think I would have gotten as far as I have now in the book.  Léal plays a major role in the book, whether you realize it now or at the end.  I am really glad I decided to add him into the book more; I also love the reactions many have had towards him.
Leal Irvine
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And while this man is attractive and humorous, why have you fallen in love with him?  Let's face it we know very little about him...
In Cursed with Power there unfortunately isn't a lot given away about Léal's history and etc.  He explains that he's a Dark magician, who also used to work for a powerful man named Esmour.  He seems to understand Celestria's feelings about her sister's death.  More so to the point, he shows true signs of dedicated to Celestria.  Why is he so attached to her? Is there a relationship building up between them?  And who the heck is this guy?
For now you can only assume, as Celestria does, why Léal does not want to leave her.  As for their relationship, I'd say it can be...interesting.  Very soon he realizes that Celestria isn't going to cut him any slack simply because he's a Dark magician like her, but at the same time he seems to challenge her patience and temper when they speak to one another.
As for who Léal is....I can't really give that away.  Right now you'll have to accept what you know, what I've told you, and what you can infer.
Lastly, before I end this post, I just wanted to say I've been surprised, pleased, and amused with what readers have been saying about Léal.  Someone outright told me they think he's "hot".  I personally found that interesting because Celestria narrates the story, and therefore I wasn't sure what kind of reactions there would be to his character because while she describes him as handsome she also limits herself on how much she thinks of such a factor.  (This is why whenever I talk about Léal on the blog I always make it some kind of entrance where I mention that I'm once again talking about "the guy you love".)
Now you're going to be telling me you can't wait to read New Life, right?
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


  1. Yes! I can't wait! This was a fascinating post (as always) and I love the pictures you found.

  2. You know I was going to originally say "Now I know next I'm going to hear Tessa tell me she can't wait to read New Life" but then I decided otherwise:P haha.
    Aww, thank you. I'm so glad. I was hoping for more responses on this post, but hey I'm glad you at least liked it because so long as you're still interested then there is someone to motivate me.