Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello & Welcome

Last night around 11:58pm the layout for this blog was finished.  I spent the remainder of the night working hard of preparing this blog for you.  I am very excited it is finally public and now I'm going to tell you about everything that will be going on.  This post may be rather long, so if you don't want to read all of it at least skim it over for anything that may catch your eye.
the Magicians series and why there is a blog
The Magicians series I began working on this year.  I recently decided --about a month or so ago--that having a blog will allow the readers of my book(s) to interact with the books themselves and the author.  I know it sounds weird me saying that you can interact with the books, but maybe that will make more sense in time to come...
I hope for this blog to be beneficial for YOU and the series.  One of the main reasons I went through with this was because many of you told me you definitely wanted this blog to go live.  Here it is:)
Who I am and what I do
I'm a teenage writer who writes as if there is no tomorrow when there is free time.  I love to write, not only because I'm dedicated to it and have become passionate about it, but because I love the sense of accomplishment and joy I feel when people read my books and are able to keep the story in the back of their mind.  I aim towards creating memorable characters and unique storylines and if you like what you read then, as my friend Tessie would say, mission accomplished.
On another note, though, I write because there are stories that form in my mind and before long I feel it necessary to come out with the stories.  After all, someone has to tell the story about how one summer day only five Dark magicians were remaining alive.
Cursed with Power
Cursed with Power is the first book in the Magicians series and is currently the only book that is public online to read.  The entire book will be posted on inkpop, though pieces of it have also been posted on mibba and writer's cafe.
This first book focuses on Celestria's story.  You can read the full summary on this blog.
New Life
New Life is the sequel to Cursed with Power, hence being the second book in the series.  It is set to private on inkpop and will not be worked on in great depth until I have finished the first book.  However, a premier --or "teaser" as you may prefer to call it--is posted here on the blog for your entertainment and pleasure.  There may be several premiers posted for the book as I come closer to finishing Cursed with Power.  Premiers DO NOT include spoilers of any kind and while having read the first book might help you understand them better, you are able to read them without fretting about surprises being given away.
Reviews from you good people
Amanda suggested I make a reviews page on the blog for those lovely people out there who loves this series so much that they feel they must express it everywhere.  Now you can express it as much as you like.
I really hope you'll leave a review if you've read some of the book --I'd love to have some sweet comments as I've read on inkpop be posted on here for others to see.
Ask a question
You can ask any question you have and I'll answer it.  I have not determined what days I will spend answering questions, so for now I will answer them as they come.  Answers are given on the blog, which is why I need your email address so I can send you the link to the post.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Pretty easy to understand.  If you need to or want to contact me you can find a way to here.
Contests, surveys, personality quizzes....and LIVE CHATS.  I have not determined when the first chat will be but I am using chatzy because it's safe, easy, and simple.  Once I find out a day when I'll mostly be relaxing I will announce a date.  However, I also need to know that people will come onto the chat to talk about this blog, questions, the series, and etc.  I don't want to make the chat and then be all alone, so I need to hear back from you.  You can do that simply by leaving me a comment or sending me an email.

I have to thank you
There are many people who helped make this blog possible.  I would mention them all, but then I fear that would be a very long list.  I'll just list a few: Amanda Bourne, Tessie Jarrett, Tessa Faith, Mia...ooh and so many others!  There were a lot of responses on the survey for this blog and the feedback I got from you was amazing.  I never felt special before.  You guys made me feel like what I write is more than worth my time and despite the times I've thought so I don't write crap. Thank you<3

Posts will be about...
There was a lot of debating with myself until I came to the conclusion of what I will be blogging about on here.  Here's a rough idea of some post topics:

  • Updates and editing process (featuring chapter previews)
  • Sneak peaks/Premiers
  • the books in the series
  • Characters  --certain days I will focus on a particular character. Have one you want to hear more about for one entire day? Email me.
  • How characters, events, places, etc. came about --again, same as with characters....I will talk about anything for this, but if you have something of particular interest please let me know.
  • Answers to questions
  • Struggles in the book and successes
  • And much more!
If I did not mention everything it's only because I came up with that list off the top of my head.  However, if there's something you're just dying for me to ramble about please email me.

What will NOT be on the blog...
There are primarily two matters that will NOT be on this blog.
First off, NO SPOILERS.  I will not post anything about characters, events, chapters, or the books that could possibly ruin the story for another.  I do not like ruining surprises and if you're interested in knowing what's happened you should read the book.  This also means that the general audience should not give any spoilers in reviews or comments.  Questions that require me giving away information that cannot be told because it gives away vital information will be addressed properly.  If you worry your comment or question might involve a spoiler contact me anyway and I'll let you know if it is or no.  
Official summaries of all the books will not be public until the book before has been completed.  Such as the summary for New Life will not be posted until Cursed with Power is finished; A Greater Destiny's summary cannot be posted until New Life is finished and so on.  I feel uncomfortable with showing the summaries now when I'm only on the first book in the series.  Eventually, though, all of the summaries will be posted.

That seems to be about everything....UNLESS....
I forgot something, which is likely.  I will be posting again later tonight on this blog.  An update on chapter 6 of Cursed with Power will be posted as well as an answer to a question from Tessa Faith.
Hope you like the blog and welcome


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