Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dyanna...Is she dead?

It literally took me way too long to find images to go along with this post that would work.  Even the one above isn't all that great, but let's more onto the topic:
Dyanna....Is she dead?

Don't worry, this isn't a spoiler of any kind --sorry if you were hoping it is.  However, whether Dyanna is dead or no is a reoccurring theme in Cursed with Power and let's face it now you're probably at the edge of your seat trying to determine where you stand on this simple question.
Dyanna's death is NOT a spoiler for if you have not read the book because her death is not only mentioned in the summary of the book, but it is also brought up in the prologue.  Therefore, if you have not read the book please do not fear this post will give away shocking details.
The little knowledge known about what actually occurred to Dyanna is something both Celestria and the readers must face and accept.  The readers only known as much as Celestria knows, and this remains true about many matters in the book.
Whether she's actually dead or not, though, is something you must along with Celestria to find out.  If you follow her story you can find more that brings you closer to the answer, though sometimes the answer is not as evident as it may seem.

What do you think?  Is Dyanna dead?  Perhaps more importantly, how will Celestria ever find out the truth?

"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


  1. I do that with one of my characters, you don't know if he's dead or not.

  2. Intriguing. My sequel is a little surprising in this same sort of way.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  3. Laura: Great minds think alike, eh?

    Nancy: Thank you; I'm glad you read the post. I actually thought no one would when I posted it.

    Tessa: Thanks. I guess as you read further this question will drive you crazy to no end. (It drives me crazy even though I know the answer.)

  4. Yeah.
    It'll be interesting. And I agree with you. One person knows the fate of this character, besides myself, and it drives me crazy!

  5. I think so as well. Oh good, it's not just me who is driven crazy by that.