Monday, October 25, 2010

Your friends want to know about the series. Tell them this...

the Magicians series
For years there had been ongoing battles between good and evil magicians.  For years the good magicians were put to the test.

It had been tiresome, all those times, to keep fighting off the same group of magicians as the last.  They had the same tactics; they all believed they were invincible.

And then one day something happened....

I almost didn't believe it --I probably wouldn't have had it not been everywhere.  I could see it in people's eyes...Nothing is going to be as it was in the past.

1 July 1573, there were only five Dark magicians remaining in the magical world.

I had known the numbers had been decreasing, but it shocked me to hear there were only five Dark magicians alive now.

Suddenly being on the evil side was not all it had once been.

It was if someone had stabbed me in the back.  How had they all failed me?  Every single one except for four.

When you are the last of something the world becomes....

And all I could think was, Is this my end?

A much scarier place.
the Magicians series
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


  1. I love it! This is such a good summery!

  2. I happened to find this in a folder with tons of other papers and thought it summarized the series nicely enough:) Thank you.