Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Life FTW

Yes, New Life is officially for the win.  Enough said.
Are you supporting the Magicians series? Cursed with Power?  New Life?
I'll find out if you aren't.  Psh, yeah I wish, but anyhow.... Like Cursed with Power, the second book in the series has almost undergone as many cover changes and I haven't even begun writing it yet.  Interested?  Even if you aren't I'll share them with you:
New Life (book 2) --coverThe first cover that I made on polvore, hence why it was an entire failure.  I am so glad other people can make covers. Cover designed by author94

I can't remember when this cover was made, but it had been the cover I was using until recently. Cover designed by thatcinderellastory (Deena Shoemaker).

And then of course comes the latest one I've uploaded everything on with today that I absolutely love and adore forever....

Love them, right?  Both the cover and the book jacket were designed by KBDanielle.  You can have her do the same for you if you read her book.
Just because the summary to the book is on the book cover does not mean I'll be posting the summary just yet. I am still going to wait as I originally planned to for when Cursed with Power is over to post up the summary.
"There's a lot that I want." He said. He smirked as he said it like he knew he was pushing my patience.


  1. The summery is on the back of the book...but it's too small to read. Drat. *snaps fingers* Oh well, I guess I'll wait, :D.

  2. Yeah I know. That wasn't purposely done but I figured there was no point in me complaining because this way I was still able to keep the summary a surprise:O

  3. I would have totally read it if it hadn't blended in with the bakground.
    I'm gonna write a post about an Assassin blog later....

  4. Yeah I know. Sorry about that guys. Will have fixed.

    Okay, sounds good:D