Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who's first: Celestria or Leal?

Today when I went to look at the personality quiz results I read a lot of comments.  One person went as far as saying that they felt the quiz revealed a lot about them self that they had never known before.
"Thank you for this prescription.  This will help a lot of people found out the nature we are made of."

Wow, I did not think the quiz was that deep.  Glad it made someone's day.

Now, onto my question and topic for this post.  As I told you there will be some days when I talk about particular characters from the Magicians series.  Who do you want to hear about first?
Celestria or Leal

For both characters there is a lot I could talk about, so I just want to know from you all which you'd rather hear about first and perhaps even why.

Tessa Faith, who won the PROMOTION CONTEST will be quest blogging as soon as she has her post ready.  She is either going to post a long detailed review about Cursed with Power or she is going to write up a short story of a conversation her and her sister had about the book.  Stay tuned to read it!


  1. I feel so special! *blushes* I'm working on that.

    I think you should do Celestria first, because she's the MC. But it's up to you, :D.

  2. You should feel special:)
    Thanks; I think I will post about Celestria first.